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Not in Marketing? Here’s Why You Should Consider IMC at SBU.

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If you’re in sales or customer service then you probably know that it’s much easier to sell something when people like you. And in today’s fast-paced, global economy, it takes much more than low prices to stand out in a crowded marketplace. You need to be persuasive and build long-lasting connections.

That’s why in St. Bonaventure’s Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) program, we’ll teach you how to build positive, meaningful relationships with your audience, using the most effective marketing communications tools at your disposal.

Our graduate IMC program is about much more than textbooks, tests and homework. It’s about developing a strategic, and creative, thought process. It’s about becoming a persuasive, effective communicator. And it’s about strategically executing all the pieces of the marketing mix, in concert.

You don’t have to be a marketing pro. Or even an amateur. Students come from many different backgrounds and all walks of life to study integrated marketing communications at St. Bonaventure. It doesn’t matter what role you’re in—by entering the IMC program at Bonas, you are working to develop and strengthen your brand and take your career to the next level. And you’ll be able to do so in a convenient format that works best for your schedule.

Through the process you’ll experience our Five Pillars of Personal Marketability that make St. Bonaventure’s program unique.


If marketing is not your day-to-day, you may have limited experience dealing directly with all the phases and channels of marketing communications. But, have no fear. The elements of teamwork and peer study in our IMC program can offer you valuable experience learning from managers, designers, writers, executives, and more. You’ll work closely with team members from a wide variety of marketing and business backgrounds, exploring marketing communication’s multifaceted role in business today—putting you on a fast-track to understanding the mindset of today’s IMC professional. And turning yourself into one, too.


In marketing, there are often no right or wrong answers. Some ideas are certainly better than others, but there’s no formula that reveals one correct answer. This model lends itself to lively debate and discussion; a centerpiece of IMC at SBU.

Thinking on your toes and defending great ideas is an art that’s integral to business today—and it’s even more important within the IMC world. You might be able to sell an ice box to an eskimo, but can you defend your marketing strategy to a VP? In SBU’s IMC program, you won’t just learn to argue. You’ll learn to think ahead of the curve, and you’ll see how sound strategy and positioning will prepare you for challenges by colleagues and clients.


In the IMC world, who you know is every bit as valuable as what you know. Business connections are vital to professional success, but the marketing world seems to provide even more opportunities to benefit from your professional network. And that holds even truer within the St. Bonaventure network. The connections and personal networking you gain through the IMC program will open countless doors and exciting opportunities.


You work hard, and your time is valuable. You can’t afford to spend a year or more earning a graduate degree that isn’t well respected by colleagues or potential employers. You don’t want to spend time earning a run-of-the-mill degree that isn’t going to distinguish you in any way. That’s why it’s important that your graduate degree is backed by a university with a proud, respected reputation. And with St. Bonaventure University, you can rest assured knowing that your graduate degree, whether earned online or in-person, carries with it a long and proud history, inspired for more than 150 years by the Franciscan values of individual dignity, community inclusiveness and service. So, yeah, our reputation is pretty good.


If you’re looking to break into the marketing field or simply gain a better understanding of marketing communications, you’d better know what you’re talking about—or at least have enough confidence to make people think you know what you’re talking about. Fortunately, with a graduate degree in IMC from St. Bonaventure, you’ll have all the confidence you need to pursue whatever career path you’d like. Confidence like that doesn’t grow on trees. It grows in the graduate IMC classes at SBU—which usually don’t have any trees.


As a graduate of the program, you’ll leave with the tools, confidence and connections to take your career anywhere. You can go on to develop and launch new products. Grow your business. Become a leader. Whatever path you’d like to take.

So when you’re ready to explore those new opportunities, get started with a master’s degree in IMC from St. Bonaventure

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