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Undergrad Student? Thinking About Grad School? How About IMC?

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You’re an undergraduate student. Graduation is quickly sneaking up on you. And you’re considering grad school, because you know that it’s important to your career. You need to be a standout prospect in the competitive workforce, so you need to make sure you have every professional advantage possible – and that starts with a graduate degree.

If you’re interested in working the business world, becoming a leader in an organization, or running your own business, you might think that an MBA is your only option. But, maybe you’re not that into math and statistics. Maybe you prefer something a little more creative – something that not only teaches you about business, but also teaches you how to grow that business, and communicate with a myriad of audiences. If so, why not consider Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)? We like to think a master’s degree in IMC is a lot like an MBA. Except better.


What’s IMC? We’re glad you asked.

Integrated Marketing Communications is an innovative way of looking at and coordinating all the aspects of business communications. Advertising. Public Relations. Social Media. SEO. E-commerce. Copywriting. Design. IMC brings them all together to work harmoniously through strategic and engaging marketing communications campaigns.

IMC professionals are consistently in-demand at companies large and small because they know how to successfully execute marketing strategies that integrate all elements of the marketing mix.


Why IMC at SBU?

St. Bonaventure’s IMC graduate program is not only about marketing. It’s about marketing yourself. So, it only makes sense that in addition to the nuts and bolts of integrated marketing, the program also focuses on your personal and professional marketability.

Keep reading to learn about the Five Pillars of Personable Marketability that make IMC at SBU so unique. They’re a core component of what drives our IMC curriculum and coursework, and an important part of your make-up as a marketing communications professional. As a graduate of the program, you’ll see how invaluable these skills are as part of your personal and professional brand development.



By now you know that your ability to work within a team is vital to your career success — particularly in integrated marketing communications. After all, effective IMC relies on integrating diverse ideas into one, consistent message.

SBU’s IMC program not only promotes work in a team environment, but exposes students to critique and concept development within a group. Translation: you’ll learn not to cry when someone tells you your idea sucks. In fact, you’ll crave constructive criticism.



Thinking on your toes is an art typically crafted from years of experience in the workforce. Luckily for you, SBU’s IMC program is anything but typical. With the element of debate incorporated throughout every aspect of the IMC program, you will hone this desirable talent well before you’re handed that diploma.

SBU’s IMC students learn not only how to defend their ideas and marketing conclusions, but how to structure their ideas and be prepared for challenges by colleagues and clients. You won’t just learn to argue — you’ll learn to think ahead of the curve. With a solid strategy and the ability to defend it, nobody will suspect you’re not a 15-year veteran of the marketing world.



So you’re looking to start your career, but you realize you have almost zero professional connections. How can you build a network and land a job when you don’t know anyone? And networking events are always so awkward. Small talk; who needs it? Fortunately for you, all that describes someone who doesn’t have the St. Bonaventure alumni network behind them.

Not only will you have a network of helpful, almost cult-like alumni, but your IMC classmates will have a range of experiences in marketing communications. Marketing Managers. PR pros. Designers. Account Executives. You’ll likely take classes with people who not only can help you find local connections, but may be your biggest connection themselves.



With three formats for completing the program, you can rest assured knowing that your graduate degree, whether earned online or in-person, is backed by an institution with a solid reputation. A degree from St. Bonaventure University carries with it a long and proud history, inspired for more than 150 years by the Franciscan values of individual dignity, community inclusiveness and service.



Coming out of college and finding your place in the workforce can be a tough task —  especially if you’re not yet seasoned at job interviews. But since our IMC program allows the greatest room for personal and professional development, you’ll be able to take your skills to levels you’ve never known before. And that will give you the confidence that no other degree or certificate could ever provide. You won’t leave the program with just a piece of paper with a fancy font on it. You’ll graduate with the confidence of a marketing communications professional destined for greatness.


Upon completing St. Bonaventure’s graduate program in IMC, you’ll walk away as a creative communicator and an innovative problem solver. You’ll not only be a marketing expert, but you’ll be an expert at marketing yourself.

You’ll find you have the connections and confidence to pursue whatever career opportunity you desire.  And there’s a lot to choose from. Have a look at what our graduates have achieved in the IMC world.


Want to learn more? Contact us today.  Or, if you’re ready to take the next step, send us your application.



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